Back to the gym – Day 3 – The day after

Chris Brooker
May 22, 2009

Good morning. Last night was my 3rd day back to the gym and wow am I sore. The kind of sore that feels so good 🙂 My shoulders are aching, my abs hurt when I move or laugh and my legs are jello. This is a good start.

I have however, been going to bed late and getting a relatively short amout of sleep. This has been slowing down my recovery and regeneration but hopefully I can catch up this weeked.

That’s my short little recap/update for now. I’ll try and post a video later today.

PS: Feedback is always good and welcome.

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-21

Chris Brooker
May 21, 2009
  • Going to the gym. When I get back we can talk. #You’reLookingForwardToIt #
  • Back from the gym! #
  • working on some websites #
  • @janiceromero the evening is going pretty good. I just wish there were more time in the evening :). What have you been up to? in reply to janiceromero #
  • @janiceromero We’ll have to get you out then. Uptown after work coffee? in reply to janiceromero #
  • heading to bed, goodnight #
  • It’s summer outside today! Oh man do I want to go outside! #
  • @matt416 Happy Birthday!! #
  • Tim Horton’s Chili and free iced coffee yum #
  • Free Iced Coffee at Tim’s, it’s tiny but yummy. #
  • Looks like Rogers 3g is down in the the Bathurst and Wilson Area. Can’t even get a signal right now. #
  • Heading home will be back online shortly. #
  • @dzborovski My service is still up and down. Dropping calls, edge to 3g to edge to no service. #RogersFail in reply to dzborovski #

VBlog – Back to the gym – Day 2

Chris Brooker
May 20, 2009

Retraining begins. The damage.

Chris Brooker
May 20, 2009

I was ill for about 1.5 months and ordered by the doctor to not do any excersise until I was completely better. Guess what? I’m better!!

Now I start the journey to get back into shape.

Chris Feb 2009 vs May 2009

There might not look like a big difference in these pictures but there is.

Victoria Day Turducken

Chris Brooker
May 20, 2009

Some of you may know this, most won’t, but my friends and I have been wanting to try a Turducken for about 1.5 years now. After looking and looking and talking and even looking for one in buffalo, NY. I finally stumbled across one in the Great Canadian Superstore on Wynford! I was totally shocked to see it…. so I immediatly bought it.

This was Jan 2009.

After weekend after weekend trying to find a time when we could all get together to enjoy the abomonation, the stars aligned. It was decided Monday May18, 2009, the Victoria Day long weekend.

Enjoy, we did.

Turducken Part 1 of 3 – Before Cooking

Turducken Part 2 of 3 – After Cooking

Turducken Part 3 of 3 – Carving the meat blob

It was good. It was about 10lbs of solid meat. For $70, I’m not sure I’d buy another but it was an experience.

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