Cheesy Pick-up line Friday #2

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I love cell phones and want to test your new smartphone!

Chris Brooker
June 4, 2009


Hi manufacturers of smartphones, Rim, Apple, Palm, Google, (sorta) Nokia. I’m a huge lover of cell phones and have been through more than my fair share in the quest for the perfect phone. Which inevitably leads me to making a list of all the things I would really like to have in a smart phone and I’m always left staring at an impossible list.

Quick sample of my list;

  • Powerful CPU (Atom or better equivalent performance)
  • Full featured OS. (Multitasking, Full browsing with flash at minimum, ability to install any apps I want without an approval process or having to hack the device, push email is a full featured email client.)
  • OS must remain quick and responsive at all times.
  • Ability to plug in USB devices like videos camera, cameras and external HDs.
  • Non-crippled Bluetooth. Support all Bluetooth profiles.
  • Excellent 10MP AF camera with 720p video recording with a Flash. Support for Bluetooth mics.
  • GPS, Accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, etc (the usual)
  • Large vibrant capacitive touchscreen with a Transflective TFT LCD and e-ink display 4″- 6″? Pocketable.
  • Ability to playback 1080p h.264 video on screen and via Wireless HDMI as well as gfx accelerated flash.
  • Ability to play 3d games and run gfx accelerated applications. (perhaps the entire UI)
  • 2 full days of battery life with actual use.
  • Integration to major social networking sites (Facebook, twitter, etc)
  • Unified messaging framework for SMS, IM, email (Maybe Google Wave can help)

Essentially a full PC designed for a touchscreen with an all day battery that will fit in my pocket.

So ya, an impossible list. I’m tired of carrying around so many devices and all the devices I carry around are small.

  • 11″ Tablet-PC (for computing)
  • Ultra compact HD camcorder
  • iPhone
  • all the chargers and cables (the most weight, just so I can use these things for more than an hour)

I just want to carry 1 device that does it all.

What I’m really asking, to anyone out there listening, is can I please test your new smartphone? I’ve used them all Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias,  WinMo, etc. I’ve played with the Google G2 (HTC Magic). I’d love to try the Palm Pre if it were in Canada and on a GSM network.

Let me test your smartphone.

My new balcony planter? Fresh herbs, yum

Chris Brooker
June 4, 2009

I saw this at Ikea the other day. I think this would be awesome to grow fresh herbs on my balcony. It’s quite nice looking too. Wood frame with metal pot holders that fit in a corner. I can’t seem to find it on their website though, curious.

Ikea Salvia

Does anyone still care about the Wii?

Chris Brooker
June 2, 2009

Hey all!


Now before I go and defend my bold statement I’d like to share with you my experience with the Nintendo Wii. November 19, 2006 I woke up at 5am got dressed and headed to my local Futureshop. It was freezing and I didn’t really dress for the occasion. I wasn’t expecting to wait long. There were rumours that stores would be opening at 6am that morning and many did, just not the Futureshop I went to. I stood in line from 6am until 11am, when the store finally opened, then waited another hour outside to get in and make my purchase. Woohoo, I thought I got a Wii and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the release day and if I don’t like it, I can just sell it for profit. WIN!

I get home and warm up. I then carefully open the Wii box and remove each piece from their plastic bags and place the bags back in the box where they came from. This way I could easily repackage it if i need to. Hook it up and plug it in. Went though all the settings and configurations. The Wiimote is kewl and surprisingly accurate and the finger turns as you turn the Wiimote, sweet. I threw in Wii Sports and played Tennis and bowling and boxing, etc. Fun times. Then I played Zelda. Lots of reading, no movies, no speech, no talking like we’re used to in most games. Very old school. Wagging the Wiimote to swing the sword just seemed unnecessary but it was part of the fun, right?

I played often those first few days. Getting to the level limit in tennis over 1000 and getting far in Zelda. I downloaded the new Opera browser that came out and it was slow. I grabbed all the new channels as they came out. The Weather channel, the Wii Shop channel, etc. The weather was very kewl. But it took too long to boot up the system and load the channel for it to really be useful in planning the day.

Then I bought an Xbox 360 and I didn’t turn the Wii on for over a year. After it sat there collecting dust, I sold it to a friend. I don’t miss it what-so-ever.

Wii fit came out and I played it at a friends. If you expect to get “fit” on it you’re an idiot. Anyone who lives a sedentary lifestyle and suddenly starts moving will initially lose weight. That’s not WiiFit that’s any exercise. Then versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band came out with less songs and terrible SD graphics.

Today a new peripheral was announced. The Wii Vitality Sensor. A clip for your finger that that measures your pulse. What? why? this is useless.

e3nin85[Image via Gizmodo]

So my question is, does anyone still care about the Wii?

It’s a novelty, I learned that in 2006 and with this addition is laughably confirmed.

What do you think?

New nerd toy: Furniture addition

Chris Brooker
June 1, 2009

Look what I picked up! It’s rolling laptop stand. No more hunched over the coffee table hurt back or burned legs while sitting on the couch.

Laptop Stand 1Laptop Stand 2Laptop Stand 3

Ya, I’m a total nerd. But you still want me.

WTF? Wrong truck? Insane

Chris Brooker
June 1, 2009

I’m no professional tower but there is just something that looks dangerous about this…


Saw this on the DVP Southboud today. Just looks funny and a little crazy.

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