Cheesy Pick-up Line Friday #12

Chris Brooker
August 28, 2009

Hey everyone!

and a big Hey! to all the new people watching these. You guys and girls rock. So get out there and chat people up!

Also, watch for a new series starting Wed. ūüėČ

Cheesy Pick-up Line Friday #11

Chris Brooker
August 21, 2009

Hey all! Enjoy!

Another amazing and awesomesauce installment of your favourite segment featuring me.

Also, look for a cameo, it might be someone you know!

And for the love of awesome, click through the video and watch it in HD.

In case you didn’t know;
It’s Casie Stewart!

Cheesy Pick-up Line Friday #10

Chris Brooker
August 14, 2009

A little late in the evening, I know, but the iPhone tethering does not have to speed to upload :(. It just keeps failing.

Enjoy the from-the-road Cheesy Pick-up line Friday!

the awesomest little left-handed travel sized guitar = want!

Chris Brooker
August 10, 2009

Sup y’all?!

i was walking around Queen St on Saturday and as I like to do, I popped into Steve’s Music Store. It’s there that I met the cutest little guitar that I now want so bad :S.

It’s a Left-handed travel sized¬†acoustic¬†guitar that even includes the passive pickups and electronics to plug into an amp. It’s very rare to find anything like this is a left-handed version. I hope it’s still there when I can afford it.

You will be mine little friend.

photo 2-1


Cheesy Pick-up Line Friday #9

Chris Brooker
August 7, 2009

Woohoo, Cheesy Pickup line Friday! What a great way to get ready for the weekend!

Towels are a laptop’s best friend? (HP TX1220US)

Chris Brooker
August 7, 2009

You might have heard last week that my laptop died :(. I would turn it on, the lights would light up, but then nothing, no beep, no POST screen, nothing. It would just hang like that forever.

It was a very sad time and I didn’t know what to do. I checked and the¬†warranty¬†had run out and the extended¬†warranty¬†on from my credit card had also run out. I was completely on my own.

I hit the forums to see if anyone had had similar problems. Turns out it’s quite a common problem, damn!, but it usually¬†manifests¬†sooner and would be covered by the warranty. The problem is related to the nVidia chipset getting micro fractures in the solder preventing it from making a solid contact with the motherboard. There is a recall on this particular problem on many, many HP laptops, but they won’t admit it for my model.

As I had nothing left to lose, I decided to try the forum suggested xBox360 Red Ring of Death towel trick. For the 360 the trick goes, take the 360 wrap it up in towel blocking all vents, turn it on, and let it bake. This overheating  causes the solder to slightly melt and reestablish the connections broken by the micro fractures.


(In this photo I have the screen turned 90 degrees for better towel coverage [it’s a tablet])

I grabbed my laptop, removed the HD, DVD drive, etc anything that could be damaged by the heat. Wrapped it up completly in the 2 towels and turned it on. I let it sit there for about 6 hours. The towels had gotten very hot. As soon as the sun through the window touched the “package” the extra heat caused it to shutdown from over heating. I took it out and let it cool.

I came back later and with little expectations, I turned it on. At first it looked the same, then, all of a sudden it POST’d! I couldn’t believe it!

It’s now been a week since I did this trick and have used my laptop for at least 20 hours total for scretches as long as 6 hours, with no problems what-so-ever.

I’m so very happy to have my friend back!

UPDATE (Nov 24, 2009): This trick has now¬†resurrected¬†this laptop twice! It’s still working to this day.

chilling at the Mill St Brewery

Chris Brooker
August 5, 2009

Hey all, here I am chilling at the Mill St brewery on the patio in the Distillery District Friday night with Krista.

I had the steak wrap, medium, with sweet potato fries it was so super yummy.

Mill St Patio Life

Krista on the patio

I also had a few of these;

Coffee Porter

Mill St Coffee Porter, mmmm beer.

Oh crap, they named the Fail Whale after me

Chris Brooker
August 4, 2009

Saw this in the store Moss on The Danforth.

Fail Whale: My Name is Chris

If you don’t know what the Fail Whale is:

Windows 7 Community Event

Looks like I had a productive long weekend editing video ūüôā

A few weeks ago I receive an email from the lovely Chantelle at High Road Communications asking if I would be apart of a Windows 7 community dinner event. I was honoured to be invited and accepted.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I was invited but after I arrived, I was very surprised at what an amazing event the ladies at High Road Communications put together. Thanks Chantelle, Cortney¬†and¬†Isabella¬†(sorry if I missed anyone).

As you can see in the video, I got there late. The event was schedules to start at 5pm but with traffic and having to drive from uptown, I didn’t actually get there until 5:35pm, so I missed most of the presentations. But I did get a chance to run around and talk to almost everyone, even if I didn’t film it.

If there is anyone I missed, or more information that I can use, please drop me a line.

Hope to see you all at the next one.

Here is the video;

Microsoft Canada
High Road Communications
Absolute Software


vblogging – Turkish Festival

Chris Brooker
August 2, 2009

Blam! What’s up babes?

I wake up to find that it’s a beautiful Saturday! After sleeping in a bit 11am, I hit the Danforth with Krista for a wonderful late luch, visit some shops and head downtown.

After walking around a bit in the lovely weather we stumbled upon the Turkish Festival at Yonge and Dundas Square.

I made a little video about it, wanna see it? Here it is;

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