How do you dump that girl/guy you picked up on the weekend?

Chris Brooker
September 23, 2009

The answer is Cheesy Break Up Line Wednesday!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted a video, I’ve been sick and on holidays. But I’m back enjoy!

Blogging – Secrets to Success (Uncensored observations)

Chris Brooker
September 22, 2009

Blogging is all about posting something, anything everyday. Try to make it interesting every few days to keep people checking back.

1)  The best way to do this, IMO; is to be a young attractive girl who frequently posts images of themselves. Often innocent pictures of you from everyday, like you current outfit. But slip in a few of you at the beach or a few of you in your underwear. This will keep people checking just to see if there is a new hot photo. It also helps to have a twitter and Facebook account to promote your blog posts. But you can’t just promote your blog, you need to engage the community. That means telling everyone that you’re just lying around your place naked playing video games, people really like this.

When you’re not lying around naked it’s often fun to go out and party, drink too much and be promiscuous. Then you have more great content to write about on your blog. People love reading stories about drinking, partying and sex. I know I do.

To be honest, this is actually what I want to do. and perhaps I’ll start posting more pics of my work outfits and tales of my shenanigans.

If you do this everyday, I guarantee that you will attract a large audience which can feed your posts going forward, you will get invited to more parties, get free passes, free drinks and be recognized.

2) If you’re not an attractive girl or you’re a geeky guy the road is much steeper. You will need to write, everyday, compelling, interesting, educational, expert content. It will take a long time for people to find, digest and appreciate your blog. There will only be few fancy and fun images amongst pages of text. Unless you write about tech and post images of new products, but then only other geeks will care and you will have a lot of competition.

3) Or you can go the comedy route, post silly videos of yourself, find humorous things around your everyday live, post a photo and write a caption of a funny thing you saw at the grocery store. Post it to Facebook with a cliff-hanger title so people click on it just to see what it is. This can be successful (,

Therefore, to be a successful blogger there are 3 routes, one easy and 2 hard. You can all see the route I’ve gone down (Videos, tech, lazy), this is the hard road. It’s my recommendation that you become an attractive women, cuz even online, life is easier. 😉

Cheesy Break Up Line Wednesday #1

Chris Brooker
September 2, 2009

Hey all!

If you’ve been watching the Cheesy Pick-Up Line Friday, you may have run into a common problem. There are just too many people calling, all the time. To help you with that problem I’ve started a new sister series; Cheesy Break up Line Wednesday. You pickup ’em up Friday and Saturday, you drop them off Wednesday!

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