Dinner last night – Slow Carb – 20lbs in 4 weeks?

Chris Brooker
November 24, 2009


Recently, I’ve started on a slow-carb, high protein, fat reduction experiment. During the summer it seems that I managed to put on a few pounds. With the eating out, drinking often and generally not really taking care of myself like I have in the past.

I’ve decided to do a little experiment to see if I can more rapidly drop that bit of fluff to bring back a more defined physic.

This experiment is not for the faint of heart and definitely not for someone who cares how food tastes. In this experiment food is not really to be enjoyed, it’s just something you need to do.

If anyone is interested in the meals or the results (pending) let me know and I’ll post the meals I’ve been eating.

So far it’s been 1.5 weeks and I can tell you, lentils suck and beans grow on you.

Here’s last night’s dinner (at 10pm) to get the idea. This is probably the tastiest meal so far.

Baby Spinach, with Black beans, Pinto beans and a Round Eye Steak.

I’m also taking 500gm of Niacin (the flushing is insane) and 200mcg of Chromium.

Let’s see how it goes.

Sold my condo

Chris Brooker
November 24, 2009

Hey All,

Yup another post. Ya, it’s only been 2 weeks.

As you many know, I’ve decided that I want to live downtown. It came to me one day when I was thinking about “What do I want” and “What would make me happier”. The isolation, I found was the biggest problem. Almost all of the events, discussions, parties, etc. I goto are downtown and I find myself driving down there almost every night. Until recently when the thought of rushing home to change and sit in traffic on the DVP to fight my way downtown, search for a place to park, pay to park, then get a ticket anyway was just not appealing. So I stopped going to so many events. I only make the big ones now. Traffic and parking are just nuts. Especially when most events start so early, 6pm.


All of these reasons and more lead me to decide, f it, I’m selling my condo and moving downtown. Put my condo on the market and sold it in 6 days.

I’ll be moving around Jan 1, 2010. I plan to move right downtown, like King and Spadina. Anyone have any suggestions? 1br.

Been a while, thoughts on life.

Chris Brooker
November 3, 2009

Cog in the machine

Hey All,

Yes, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. It’s not because I’ve been sitting in the house and not doing anything. In fact, I’m busy most nights.

The truth is, I just didn’t feel like it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want from life. What things I want to accomplish, what goals I want to complete. What adventures I want to have. Not an easy task.

Here are some things I started to help get my mind in a more receptive mode to hear itself.

– Stopped entirely reading the news. (I used to spend hours everyday reading hundreds of RSS feeds, which added no real value to my life.)(Also no Daily Show or the Colbert Report)

Stopped Blogging/Producing content with no vision. (Hence the lack of updates and videos)

Decided to sell my condo. (When I think about it, the place I’d like to most live right now (in this city) is right downtown. Will be moving as soon as my condo sells.)

Signed up for Aikido at the Japanese Canadian Culture Centre (JCCC) (Something I’ve always wanted to do.)

Stopped checking email (with the exception of checking work email at 11am and 4pm) Stopped receiving email on my phone entirely.)

Bought a notebook (paper) – If anyone knows me they know I rail against the use of paper. Getting back to basics has helped me focus. There are no unproductive distractions when it’s just you and paper.

– Try to only watch 1 hour of TV a day (my typical method of procrastination, with Hulu and a Media Centre PC there is never nothing to watch.)

– Everyday write down a list of Accomplishments and a List of Things to Accomplish the next day. (I do this for work too)

– Attend a Zen Buddhist Retreat (I’m not a religious person, but I feel it would be a great new experience to spent a few days in silence in a foreign environment, perhaps the change of perspective will be illuminating. If anything it will be a chance to try something new.)

That’s about it for now. Let me know what you do to keep life interesting and moving forward. Do you have a grand vision? Are you working towards it?

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