Contest: Win Bang by Marc Jacobs

Chris Brooker
November 29, 2010

Contest time!

Just post a comment below about how much you want to win a free Full-sized bottle of Marc Jacobs new cologne Bang!

I’ll pick a winner at random Wednesday Dec 1, 2010. Get your comments in!


Congratulations to the Winner billiondollarprincesss

Cavalcade of Travis 2010

Chris Brooker
November 29, 2010

Saturday was the Toronto Cavalcade of Lights. They turn on the lights on the big Christmas tree and skating rink at Nathan Phillips Square, some bands perform, and then there’s fireworks! This is apparently something they typically do every night for a week from what I understand but this year, do to renovations in the square, they’re only doing it one night.

This is my first year ever doing this, so really I didn’t know what to expect except being outside for a few hours in the cold. Cold weather Chris, check.

Debbie Travis was there in full effect, signing autographs and taking photos. How could I pass this up.

Oh that’s right! Debbie Travis with Krista and I.

The huge outdoor public rink at Nathan Phillips before the lights got turned on. Look at all the people wizzing by.

I though this shot was kind of interesting. Static me in the foreground blurry motion in the back.

The stage, where all the Canadian music “superstars” would be performing. Headliner, Sean Desmond. We went inside Eaton’s Centre for that.

Kickin’ in cold school.

Not a bad night. I can finally say I’ve now been to the lighting of the tree at Nathan Phillips square and I got to meet Debbie Travis. But man, it was crazy busy down there and the renovations really caused a lot of bottlenecks going in and coming out of the crowd.

Furry lip warmers; an expedition to the 1970’s (Movember Gala Toronto)

Chris Brooker
November 28, 2010

Hello my friends, I’d like to welcome you back to a time where unfettered hair growth was a sign of sexual virility. Where the best moustache and attitude ensured you scored the hottest babe. I’d like to welcome back to the 1970’s which was taking place at the Movember Toronto Gala at the Kool Haus.

you sir are a distinguished gentleman and sexually virile

This fine group was our home crew @Chels_McD, @MichaelNus, @CBrooker, @Smichm, Nick (no twitter), @40deuce

My ‘stache is sad 🙁

The distinguished Judge for “LameMo” and all around amazing Movember leader for Toronto Sean Moffitt (@seanmoffitt). He’s dressed as a cycle cop, but it really looks like at any minute he’s going rip off his pants and start dancing. Either that or he’s the cop that just pulled you over in an adult movie ;).

@Chels_McD and @40Deuce taking a bite out of crime!

2 Mo-less wannabe’s representing for the fallen Mos

A wonderful and classy lady; Lisa Potter (@lp1230) runs PR for the Movember organization. Pleasure to have met and spoken with her. PS: thanks for the drink 🙂

Gogo dancer!


It got pretty packed, capacity 4000, Number of people that RSVP’ed 6,000.

Serious Mopitition, they are ready to throw down and I’m there to help like only a gentleman can, by documenting it on film.

Canadian Air Guitar Champion shredding like no other.

This yonge women lost to the swedish chef on the left. Took her a long time to change into that latex dress. But looking good!

After the event, I got a chance to talk to her. (Although I can’t remember her name now 🙁 ) She was explain what it felt like to lose. I was smiling for the camera.

Amazing costume!

The WINNER of the best Mo for Movember Toronto 2010! Can you feel it?!?

Give that man the hardware!

Giving me some pointers

What a great night. Thanks to everyone to helped make it kick ass!

Back! and thoughts about blogging workflow and technology

Chris Brooker
November 25, 2010

Hey all,

If anyone even reads this anymore ;). I’ll be posting again! I was having some major server problems after the move. The server was unresponsive, the site would barely load, the images wouldn’t come in, etc. It was a mess. After a long time of screwing the with the config the problem was all down to the shitty DSL modem/router Bell gave me when I sign up for Fibe 25 at my new place. I have since disabled everything on that POS and now do all my routing through a much better piece of kit and things finally seem to be running smoothly.

Photo to the left (Tip: Apparently this look……Is major cougar bait. No lie, ask @MichaelNus)

I also need to figure out a better workflow for blogging. Currently I’m all over the place. I have hundreds of images sitting on my camera, sitting on my phone, videos on my video camera, files on my work computer, files on my laptop, on my server, on my desktop, and on my cloud storage. Things are everywhere and the biggest problem I find is that the internet is too damn SLOW! I have an Amazon S3 account (Amazon Simple Storage Solution), think of it like DropBox but with no size restriction. This is where I keep everything import, documents, images, backups, everything. Which is great because no matter where I am, I can get access to all my important files. But there comes a point where uploading things there take FOREVER, especially when I come home from an event and have gigs of pictures. I can’t upload them. So they end up living on the camera or whichever computer I’m sitting at.

I need to figure out a workflow so things can more a little more quickly. I also find the WordPress image resizing ability to very limited and have to shrink all images before I post them, which eats up more time and then I have another set of the same images only smaller sitting on whichever PC I’m on.

I guess I just need to sit down and plan the whole process out. Does anyone who blogs regularly have a good workflow that works for them? I’d love to talk.

So keep and eye here every once and a while, I’ll actually be posting, cuz man, a lot has been going on.

Where has Chris Brooker gone?

Chris Brooker
November 25, 2010

Let me start by saying, I’ve been a shitty friend.

Not a shitty friend by my actions but a shitty friend by my inactions. I’ve failed to stay in touch, failed to make a phone call, failed to be there. If you haven’t notice, I haven’t been around much. I haven’t even tweeted in weeks. I make it to the odd event here and there and I do try my very best to come out to things to show my support for the awesome people that deserve it. This however, is starting to feel like a hollow gesture, even though I genuinely want to be there to show my support. It’s almost impossible to have a meaningful connection with someone at a noisy crowded event.

Here are some of the things that have been keeping me up at night and keeping me busy. This is not an excuse.

– Moving (Ya, I’m moving in 2 weeks)
– My current landlord is dicking me around. My condo is showing at least 2 times a day and must always be spotless, tidy, and Chris free.
– The lease on my car is up Sept 28th and I need to find and get a new one aspa. I’ve been test driving tons of cars and find most of my evenings involve a visit to at least 1 dealership.
– Work is incredibly busy. I seem to working out of a client’s office at least once a week (an hour drive away in terrible traffic), which is really grinding on me and leaves me more drained than anything, plus it leaves me with a pile of missed work when I get back. Then customer’s aren’t paying in a timely manner and that’s also my problem…. But I have code to write.
– Money, moving and new cars are expensive. I am feeling some major pain and don’t have a lot of beer money.

All of these things have contributed to me having very little free time. In fact, when I do get a little bit of free time I try to enjoy the company of the amazing Krista Whiteside or I’m  just sitting at home alone playing guitar. Music is my way to escape the pressures of life and relieve stress.

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