Genius or Dumbest idea ever? Impressive Ad

Chris Brooker
February 28, 2011


This is either the best or craziest f’ing thing I ever seen.

In New Zealand an add agency replaced a plank in public benches so that when people with short short or skirts sat down their ad was impressed on the back of their thighs. Apparently this mark last for up to an hour and promotes whatever was impressed everywhere that person goes.

We put indented plates on bus stop, mall, and park benches, so that when people sat down, the message was imprinted on their thighs. This meant that as well as having branded seats, a veritable army of free media was created, with thousands of imprints being created and lasting up to an hour.

Out of the thousands of imprint I don’t any were readable. Is this nuts, creepy, or just dumb. What do you think?

Grimbergen – The beer so good nothing can keep it from us

Chris Brooker
February 24, 2011


Grimbergen Dubbel is a new beer that Carlsberg is bringing to Canada. It’s currently available in 12 countries and I’m so glad it’s coming here. Most dark beers tend to have a very bitter, almost metallic taste, that takes a few sips to get used to. Not Grimbergen, this medium dark dubbel is sweet and light with flavours of caramel. However great the beer is on it’s own, it has a truly legendary history.


The Grimbergen Abbey was founded in 1128 as a Premonstratensian monastery – a Catholic religious order founded by Saint Norbert.  The abbey was ravaged by fire in 1142; in 1566 it was destroyed during the Religious wars; and in 1798 it was demolished yet again.  The abbey was miraculously rebuilt after each wave of destruction.  Fittingly, the Fathers of Grimbergen adopted the phoenix as their emblem, symbolizing the perpetual rebirth of their abbey.  Their motto is, “Burned but never destroyed.”

Grimbergen beer was first brewed at the Abbey in 1128, and despite a tumultuous history, the Fathers have protected their recipes throughout the centuries.  Today, Grimbergen Dubbel is a lively and inimitable brew that honours its phoenix symbol through a wealth of flavours born anew with every sip.  Grimbergen Dubbel has a very rich, bittersweet flavour with hints of caramel, thanks to the mixing of several malts and a double fermentation process.  Burgundy in colour, it has an alcohol content of 6.5 percent by volume and is approved by the Union of Belgian Breweries (UBB).  It is certified as an official Belgian abbey beer.


Michael Nus with Fathers Erik de Sutter and Karel Stautemas, who came all the way from Belgium to share their incredible beer.


Nick Relph the Director of Marketing for Carlsberg Canada.


I urge you to try this beer. Yes, because it’s historic, yes, because it’s beer but Yes, becase it really is a great beer. I know I’ll be asking for at fine establishments in March. Also the 6.5% alcohol packs and awesome punch with great flavour.

The Hex colour clock

Chris Brooker
February 23, 2011

As  a guy that spend most of my time building web things. Hex code colours are an everyday thing. This amazing web app, that can also be the screen saver on OSX, converts the current time into Hex and display the background as the colour. Which is count through the hours!

Why? Oh why?

Chris Brooker
February 23, 2011

Why? Oh why?, originally uploaded by cbrooker1.

Why is it that I always end up on a plane with power outlets and USB charging when the flight is under an hour? Toronto to NYC, about an hour, time you can use a computer 20-30 mins taking into account the takeoff and landing no electronics windows. No problem for any battery. But when I’m on a flight > 5 hours, there’s nothing!! Just dead batteries and boredom. Plus I put my laptop power adapter in my checked bag because I didn’t think there would be a need for it.

Please put this on all planes, thanks. Oh and more wifi. Lots of fast free wifi.

Thoughts on Blogging, thoughts on me, ramblings

Chris Brooker
February 18, 2011

Hey all,

I know there hasn’t been any new content here for a while. This isn’t because I don’t like writing or don’t like hearing your comments. I just think I’m might have hit a cross roads about it or have lost direction.

Here are the different kind of personal blogs I can think of (I’m not including gawker type blogs which are more news then anything);

Lifestyle – A person blogs about their experiences and usually features a large number of photos of themselves and the odd post about how awesome their life is and what they got for free by blogging. They’ll talk about emotions and relationships. There is nothing wrong with this kind at all, in fact I enjoy a large number of lifestyle blogs. I’ve also done a lot of this myself.

News – someone finds an interesting news article on Gizmodo or Engadget and writes a paragraph summarizing the already summarized blog post about the original article and posts it. They add no additional insight or information. Just repeating the news. I’ve been guilty of this before.

Editorial/Opinion – This is the bread and butter of male bloggers. A typical male blogger can’t post pictures of themselves and get traffic. Usually because they’re not photogenic and women don’t care to look at pictures of men nearly as much as men like looking at pictures of woman. A blogger will pick a subject, often a recent news event or subject and write about their opinion. This happens a lot every Valentines day, it’s a very polarizing subject. If this year you write about your feelings on Valentines day what will you write about Valentines Day next year? If your opinion changes over that year it might be interesting to read how and why your opinion changed but if it stays the same will you just paraphrase the post from the year before?

Business/Niche – These are people who eat, breath, and live their industry. If that industry is marketing, they’re thinking and writing about marketing 24/7. These people are amazing wealths of information and think long and hard about every little detail of the business and are happy to share those insights. They’ve carved out a niche and use the blog to build credibility in the industry so they can hop from agency to agency. These blogs will eventually turn into books and these people will leave the industry and go on speaking tours.

Foodie – Goes to restaurant, takes pictures of food, repeat.

Then there are people like me. I write about all sorts of shit, take lots of photos of myself, rant about products that don’t work, review music, make videos, write about events, repost news I find interesting, write about scientific theories I have.

I suppose I lack a focus, a style, a niche and it’s this unfocus that leads me to not post for weeks on end. I second guess myself and think what I’m thinking is uninteresting. I have nothing to say, I have no opinion. Usually I’m just tired and burnt out from all the other stuff I do.

There is one thing that for some reason I’m never blogged about. Work. I’m a developer, a web developer, .net developer, iPhone app developer. If it involves a computer, I probably know it. I don’t post code samples or answers to problems I struggle through. I often think, hmm, I should start posting those things, become an expert in my field but every time I think that, I don’t. Then I think about why I don’t and this always come to mind “The more you know the more you’re aware of what you don’t know”. So my knowledge makes me aware of how many other people there are that know way more than I.

I considered blogging about my experiences with the iOS SDK and how different it is from .net. Thought I could help .net developers learn the subtle differences of object-c but didn’t get the time. If this is something any .net developers are interested in let me know. I have lots of opinions about that.

I’m going to end here as I’ve hit 650 words and still don’t have a point. Perhaps that is the point. We’re all just trying to get somewhere, some people have a clear definition of where that is, others write posts like this.

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