Fuck Canadian Internet Service Providers; 6.3 hours of use per month.

Chris Brooker
March 15, 2011


<rant id=”This may be hard to follow as it’s a rant”>

I’ve been a kid of the internet for what is now 16 years. Yes, half of my entire life! Yet, I’ve been fighting a losing battle with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for most of that time.

This should seem like a simple service, I pay you money for a connection to the internet, you hook is up and leave me alone. If I want that connection to be faster, I pay a little more money, simple.

I think the fundamental question that needs to be answered is; What are they selling? Are they selling speed or are the selling data?
This  concept seems to be changing over the years that I’ve been on the internet.
– On dial-up you’re paying for time connected on a phone line. (Speed was limited by the hardware, up to 56Kbps, and data was limited by time and speed.)
–  Then we had the original pilot cable modem programs, 1Mpbs unlimited.
– It seems the current genius paradigm is to sell access to a certain amount of data.

There are MANY things that enrage me when it comes to the way in which ISPs operate in Canada. I’m going to make a list.

Advertised Speed

– I enter into a contract with an ISP based on a speed metric (7Mbps, 15Mbps, 25Mbps, etc). To me this should be the average download transmission speed I get in a month. But it’s not, it’s the peek speed I might get if the stars align, there is no static or interference on the line, and no one else using it. Even then it will only come close. But be sure it will NEVER exceed that number. Meaning the average will most definitely be substantially lower. I should pay a proportional amount of money back per month if the average is under that number.

Bell, here’s an example of what I will pay you on my next bill;

25Mbps/down – 7Mpbs/up – Cost: $74.90 (with taxes and modem rental)
For simplicity say I average  17Mbps for a month download speed. I’m paying for what I think is 25Mpbs.
Therefore, my bill should be  $50.93. I should only pay for what I get.

I know everyone knows the speed numbers are BS but it shouldn’t be this way. It’s fraudulent advertising*.
* it’s not cuz we add an astrix to all numbers that states;  it’s just something we made up, hehe.

Internet Traffic Throttling

This is something Canadian ISPs LOVE doing. For those of you that don’t know this is were an ISP like Rogers looks at all the data you’re sending to and from the internet and saying, oh we don’t like that, let’s make it really slow. Then we’ll make the things we like, like Rogers Home Phone or some bullshit and make it really fast on the same lines. I don’t understand why the government has such a hard time seeing that this is wrong and anti-competitive. We need net neutrality. Everyone knows this is evil, stop.

Data Caps

This is the new fun way to screw customers. This used to be unlimited at almost all ISPs. We will sell you a 25Mpbs* connection, but you can only use 70GB of bandwidth per month. If you go over, we start charging out the ass. (At Bell $1 per GB up to $60, so double your bill).

For comparison, I use an average of 370GB per month. 300GB over the 70GB cap, costing me $60 additional dollars. I talk to customer service to see if there is anything I can do or plan I can switch to and they simply say. You’re SOL, we have no plans or packages for you.

Perhaps, I’m a power user, but I’ve been on the internet HALF MY LIFE! It’s important to me and I use it. 370GB (upload and download) a month is not a large amount!!!!!

Let’s do some math

I buy a 25Mpbs connection, if I get a full 25Mpbs and download at max speed 24/7 for 31 days it would download 4.78TB/Month. So 4.78TB a month should be my cap.

370GB is a pathetic 7.5%. How is that a power user?
70GB is an even more pathetic 1.4%

Let’s look at it another way;

I have a data cap of 70GB per month. Doing a little math, that’s effectively a download speed 0.2Mbps.

You’re thinking but Chris, you have 25Mpbs. Yes, that’s true, but I am only supposed to download 70GB. If I download 24/7 for 31 days up to 70GB, it’s an effective transfer rate of 0.2Mbps. BLAZING! Only a tad faster than Dial-up (56Kbps = 0.06Mbps).

Let’s look at how we’re getting screwed one last way

This is how the ISPs would like you to use your internet.

25Mpbs with a 70GB cap; go as fast as you want for 6.3hours then go offline for the rest of the month, you’ve used up all your internetz.


These examples are using Bell’s Fibe 25.
Everyone says I should switch to Tek Savvy. Sure, but they max out at 15Mpbs and 1Mpbs up. Useless! The cloud will never, ever, ever, ever work with these restrictions. Sorry everyone. Blame Rogers and Bell but most of all blame the CRTC, they are supposed to watching out the for the consumer.

It’s 2011 Speed and Usage caps should be going up, not getting smaller and slower.


Gods Car…

Chris Brooker
March 4, 2011

I don’t have anything great to post. Was going to write about PodCamp, but it was so long ago now. All I could do is post pictures. PodCamp was awesome BTW.

I leave you with this ridiculousness I saw while driving to work this morning.


WTF? A Pontiac G5 is not “Gods Car”. God needs a car like unicorns need a cars. They don’t, cuz they’re both magical and fictional.

Everything to do with Fred show

Chris Brooker
March 1, 2011

Friday was the Everything to do with Fred show at the Sound Academy, arguably one of the best/worst venues in Toronto. I’ll get into that in a minute. The Fred Show, as I’m going to call it, was a concert series/carnival created and hosted by the 102.1 The Edge DJ Fearless Fred. I’m not sure if it was to celebrate something or just a reason to party but party we did. The first thing I noticed upon arriving after being searched was holy crap, there are a lot of kids here. Like under 19 years old kids. I thought “oh crap this is an all ages event, better go get my wristband”. But no, there were no wrist bands and no separate section for alcohol, I didn’t even get ID’ed, weirdest event I’ve ever been to.

The Sound Academy – They have a great sound system and damn can it get loud. But problem number 1, it’s way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere with no TTC access, too far to walk and a $15 parking lot. So there is no wining if you go. The layout is long narrow, this makes it very difficult to get close to the stage and causes a lot of added pressure when you’re up front. I’ve been to many, many concerts and spent a lot of time in the pits. The ones at Sound Academy are the most dangerous I’ve ever been in. Just way too much squeezing cuz there is no where for the pressure to go. Here’s third party confirmation, trip advisors people saying it’s the “Worst concert venue in Toronto”. I tend to agree.



It was my pleasure to be invited by the always wonderful and foolish Leaf fan Michael Nus. (Google Jacket of Shame and Sean Ward)


Here’s Michael with the leader of the Ska band Prince Perry that performed on stage that night. This was just after their set.


Fearless Fred on stage giving out prizes.





Here’s @rebheartsyou checking out the tat book.




The headliner was Ko. A one hit wonder from days ago. They kinda sucked.


The highlight of the night was Nus and I sparing for sport. No waivers, no helmets.





I’d like to say that I won but I didn’t it was a very close 2-1 for Nus. This is the final blow on round 3. Well played.

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