Toshiba Primer Party and YYZ Lifestyle Mag party

Chris Brooker
June 17, 2011

It seems every time I write a blog post I start it with “It’s been a long time”, well not this time or ever again. (Cuz I just won’t say it).

Last night I had the privilege of attending both the Toshiba Primer party and the YYZ Lifestyle Magazine party. Both were at the Ultra Supper Club on Queen W, one inside and one on the rooftop patio. Both were wonderful and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend.

This post is going to be very light on pictures as I didn’t bring a good camera and I didn’t take a picture of myself, big fail. There were tons of photogs there BUT as usual, today those photos are nowhere to be found.

As an aside, I’m not a photographer, but wouldn’t it be in their best interests to get those photos posted somewhere online as quickly as possible? It is, but none do, often waiting a full week before publishing anything, at which point it’s totally out of everyone’s mind. Big business fail. There have been times when I’ve brought my point and shoot camera to events, taken a ton of pictures and posted them that night or the next morning. Those photos get hit hundreds of times and get reused in all sorts of blogs posts. So do yourself and business a favour and post the damn pics asap. People will remember you for it and invite you to more things. Timeliness is better then prettiness, people just want to see themselves.


The focus of Toshiba evening was to introduce us to their new glasses-less 3d laptop. It uses the camera on the laptop to track you face and adjust the 3d based on your head position. Playing with it quickly I found it to be fast and pretty impressive. By far the coolest thing is that 1 window can be in 3d and the others in regular 2d. You can see that in the image above, the ocean scene is in 3d and windows and everything else is in 2d. Personally I would never get a laptop with 3d or one that’s this big but the tech is impressive.





Toshiba was also showing off some new Android tablets. I didn’t get the exact specs but from what I hear they were nothing special, prices starting at $419 I wouldn’t expect premium materials or blazing speed. Wouldn’t give up my iPad 2 for it.


From there we left the dark inside and headed to the roof where YYZ LifeStyle was launching the second issue of the their new magazine. The party was great and there were tons of well dress ladies and gentleman.


I had a great time mingling and chatting with people until it started to get crazy busy and you couldn’t move. I grab a copy of the mag and took my leave. I haven’t had a chance yet to read it, but I most certainly will in the next few days.

FYI Ultra Supper Club was serving extremely good hors d’oeuvres at both events. Some of the best I’ve had.

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