Photo of the Day #6 – May 13, 2012

Chris Brooker
May 13, 2012

In the Place Des Art building they often do these public performances. Today just happened to be Salsa lessons. Here are these cute little kids trying to follow along with the instructor.


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Shot in RAW, levels adjusted in Lightroom 4. (Exported to jpeg at 60)
Nikon D5100, 140mm, ISO400, F5.0, 1/250sec exposure.

Yup, there is a bonus today too. This is a self portrait in the quad of the UQAM Sciences Campas on a beautiful sunny day. The light is a little harsh and a reflector on the left would have made it better, but I was alone and this was taken on a timer with the camera sitting on a trash can.

Photo of the Day #5 – May 12, 2012

Chris Brooker
May 12, 2012

Today got off to a slow start. I slept in as it was Saturday and I was getting really burnt out. I watched some YouTube videos and had a coffee. Had a shower and headed to the office to get some work done. Hada pretty productive time. Before I knew it the sun was almost gone and I hadn’t taken any photos. I snapped a few of another creepy bathtub in the basement of Notman house, but seeing as I posted a photo similar to that the other day chose not to.

Today’s photo is the tunnel at the St Laurent subway station in Montreal. Yup, another subway ;). Tomorrow, I hope to have a photo with a person in it.


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Shot in RAW, levels adjusted in Lightroom. (Exported to jpeg at 60)
Nikon D5100, 52mm, ISO1600, F5.6, 1/13sec exposure.

As a bonus here is me at the FounderFuel BBQ yesterday.

FounderFuel BBQ Photoset

Photo of the Day #4 – May 11, 2012

Chris Brooker
May 11, 2012

At FounderFuel we work in this crazy kewl historic building called Notman House. It’s at Sherbrooke Ouest and St Laurent in Montreal. Attached to the rear of the house is a short passage way to this old abandoned hospital, it’s 4 floors of insane and crazy stuff. It’s truly a great set for a horror movie.

This photo was taken on the fourth floor of that abandoned hospital in a small bathroom in one of the wings. I particularly liked this shot because of the clean sun light coming in through the window and the dirt and grime of the bathroom and old cast iron claw foot tub. Cleaned up, I could totally see this being a great place to take a bath and read a book in the fantastic sun.


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You should really check these out at full resolution 

Shot in RAW, levels adjusted in Lightroom. (Exported to jpeg at 60)
Nikon D5100, 18mm, ISO100, F3.5, 1/4sec exposure.

Photo of the Day #3 – May 10, 2012

Chris Brooker
May 10, 2012

It’s day 3 and this one was a lot quicker and easier than I thought.

8:20am, I’m standing on the platform at the PreFontaine Metro station waiting for the metro so I can make it in time for my 9am meeting. A train pulls up and it’s just packed, presuming the the metro had just starting running again, as often happens, I opted to wait for the next train. About 2 minutes later, I start to see this smoke shooting out the tracks. My first thought, “AHHH crap!, I hope they don’t shut down the metro”. Everyone on the platform was just standing there looking around. A few people moved towards the stairs, I snapped a couple of pictures on my iPhone.

The metro people then came down and yelled at us to get out and evacuate. We reluctantly and slowly walked up the stairs and out of the station. I waited up there for a bit while the police and fireman arrived. After 15 mins the police told us that if you have another way to get where you’re going, take it, cuz this happened at a bunch of other stations and the entire metro is shut down and will be for a while. I walked back home and jumped in the car and heading off to work in the insane traffic.

After my meeting I was looking online at the news and saw CTV’s request for photos. I upload the 5 I took and quickly they were everywhere! All over CTV Montreal and CTV nationally. They also used them in video about the event. I got a phone call shortly after and they wanted to interview me about what I saw. They came to the office and we did a short interview, should be on tv at some point. Then I got an email from the The Aaron Rand Show and wanted to interview me live on the radio at 5:10pm. I agreed and did a live phone interview.

So the photo of the day is the photo of the smoke bomb seen around the world (Canada).

photo 2

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The other pictures I took of the smoke bomb can be seen here

Shot on the iPhone 4, 3.9mm, ISO400, f2.8, 1/15 exposure (all auto by the iPhone)

Photo of the Day #2 – May 9, 2012

Chris Brooker
May 9, 2012

Photo of the day #2, things are off to a good start. This is another from around Michael and my apartment in Montreal. This time instead of the front in the rain we show the back. In Montreal is seems a large number of apartments face into an ugly alley just like this one. There is also always outdoor steel spiral staircases and elevated power lines.


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Shot in colour RAW, levels adjusted, cropped and made B/W in Lightroom. (Exported to jpeg at 60)
Nikon D5100, 20mm, ISO100, F4.5, 15sec exposure.


Photo of the Day May 8, 2012

Chris Brooker
May 8, 2012

Hey all!

I’m going to try something a little new and hopefully kill two birds with one stone. 1) To blog more. 2) Improve my skills with a camera.

I’ve taken lots and lots of photos over the years. Mostly pretty terrible and a number of them are on this blog. I have a new camera and am going to give this a shot.

Here are the rules:
1) I have to upload one new, original photo to the blog every day.
2) The photo has to be taken on that day. No using photos taken in previous days.

That’s about it. Let’s see how this goes.

Today is day 1 and here is my photo.



This is Rue Prefontain in Montreal, QB facing North West. It’s been raining all day and everything is wet. Both photos are exactly the same the difference is one is the original sodium lamp orange and the other was white balance corrected. I wasn’t sure which one I liked the most so I posted them both.

Original size is on flickr

Nikon D5100, 18mm-55mm at 32mm, ISO100, F6.3, 13sec exposure.

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