Furry lip warmers; an expedition to the 1970’s (Movember Gala Toronto)

Chris Brooker
November 28, 2010

Hello my friends, I’d like to welcome you back to a time where unfettered hair growth was a sign of sexual virility. Where the best moustache and attitude ensured you scored the hottest babe. I’d like to welcome back to the 1970’s which was taking place at the Movember Toronto Gala at the Kool Haus.

you sir are a distinguished gentleman and sexually virile

This fine group was our home crew @Chels_McD, @MichaelNus, @CBrooker, @Smichm, Nick (no twitter), @40deuce

My ‘stache is sad 🙁

The distinguished Judge for “LameMo” and all around amazing Movember leader for Toronto Sean Moffitt (@seanmoffitt). He’s dressed as a cycle cop, but it really looks like at any minute he’s going rip off his pants and start dancing. Either that or he’s the cop that just pulled you over in an adult movie ;).

@Chels_McD and @40Deuce taking a bite out of crime!

2 Mo-less wannabe’s representing for the fallen Mos

A wonderful and classy lady; Lisa Potter (@lp1230) runs PR for the Movember organization. Pleasure to have met and spoken with her. PS: thanks for the drink 🙂

Gogo dancer!


It got pretty packed, capacity 4000, Number of people that RSVP’ed 6,000.

Serious Mopitition, they are ready to throw down and I’m there to help like only a gentleman can, by documenting it on film.

Canadian Air Guitar Champion shredding like no other.

This yonge women lost to the swedish chef on the left. Took her a long time to change into that latex dress. But looking good!

After the event, I got a chance to talk to her. (Although I can’t remember her name now 🙁 ) She was explain what it felt like to lose. I was smiling for the camera.

Amazing costume!

The WINNER of the best Mo for Movember Toronto 2010! Can you feel it?!?

Give that man the hardware!

Giving me some pointers

What a great night. Thanks to everyone to helped make it kick ass!

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