Uh Apple?

Chris Brooker
March 14, 2010

uh Apple, I think you need to get the lawyers on this too.

Ahhh, the fans boys. Actually saw this on the street driving up Spadina Ave.

A coffee break on an amazing sunny weekend in Toronto – March 6, 2010

Chris Brooker
March 13, 2010

This is a little video we took while taking a coffee break from a long walk along Queen St West in Toronto on an amazing sunny, sunny day. Stopped at Steve’s music store and finally bought that cutest little guitar ever that I’ve been eyeing. I was sad as I’ve been in there before and didn’t see it anymore, assuming someone bought it. To my surprise, it reappeared, so I finally snatched it up. Woohoo!

This is actually the guitar that appears in this video Rogers – Who has the touch entry

Rogers – Who has the Touch Contest Entry

Chris Brooker
March 8, 2010

Rogers Canada is having this contest called “Who has the Touch” where 2 people are given an assignment and 48 hours to compete to see who comes up with the best videos. The winner takes home $5000. I figured, hey! I have those skills, so I put in an entry.

The entry video has to be under 1 minute and describe your Coolest idea. Here’s my entry:


Let’s hope I make the top 10.


  • 18 years +
  • energetic, funny, with a touch of insanity
  • out of the box thinker
  • have access to a video camera
  • have the means an ability to edit your videos
  • have a competitive spirit that would impress a 60-year-old wrestling coach
  • understand proper conduct – no nudity, swearing, trashing, illegal activity, arrests, or socks with sandals

If so, don’t miss your chance at fame and fortune. There are only 3 steps to making it the real deal:
From March 22nd until April 30th, each week for 5 weeks, you’ll provide the video camera and editing skills. We’ll give you a Rogers Touchphone, $50 and 48 hours to create a 2-minute video based on a fun task chosen by our online voters. Shoot it, edit it, then upload it to Facebook and see how many voters think you have the touch. The coolest part – even the loser WINS CASH.

Nuit D’Azure – Video

Chris Brooker
February 27, 2010

Hey everyone!

Last week I attended an event put on by NotableTV for the launch of the Annex Loft House which was totally amazing. There was food and wine and tons of amazing people both friends and new friends. As usual I shot a bit of video which I’ve been sitting on as I wanted to give it the editing touch. It’s been really busy this last week with me being sick and tons of intense projects at work, so I hadn’t had a chance to go through the footage and produce a video. Well, you can wait no longer…the video’s up!

Thanks to NotableTV for such a great night! I look forward to the next ones!

Ho Ho Ho – hohoTO

Chris Brooker
December 24, 2009

Me before hohoTO sporting some lovely holiday gear.

Some photos from the talented Rannie Turingan (@PhotoJunkie )

ttc – Is this really necessary?

Chris Brooker
December 23, 2009

Do you really need to spend the money on a huge billboard to advertise yourself? Fare hikes, terrible service? Who are you competing against that you need to advertise? Isn’t every bus, bus stop, subway, etc. Already advertising for you?

the view from there.

Chris Brooker
December 22, 2009

If you read some of my previous posts, you know that I sold my condo. Here is the one, I’m moving to. Lease signed, first and last payed, elevator booked. Everything is set.

The view starting in 2010;

Am i the only one that loves change?

Sold my condo

Chris Brooker
November 24, 2009

Hey All,

Yup another post. Ya, it’s only been 2 weeks.

As you many know, I’ve decided that I want to live downtown. It came to me one day when I was thinking about “What do I want” and “What would make me happier”. The isolation, I found was the biggest problem. Almost all of the events, discussions, parties, etc. I goto are downtown and I find myself driving down there almost every night. Until recently when the thought of rushing home to change and sit in traffic on the DVP to fight my way downtown, search for a place to park, pay to park, then get a ticket anyway was just not appealing. So I stopped going to so many events. I only make the big ones now. Traffic and parking are just nuts. Especially when most events start so early, 6pm.


All of these reasons and more lead me to decide, f it, I’m selling my condo and moving downtown. Put my condo on the market and sold it in 6 days.

I’ll be moving around Jan 1, 2010. I plan to move right downtown, like King and Spadina. Anyone have any suggestions? 1br.

chilling at the Mill St Brewery

Chris Brooker
August 5, 2009

Hey all, here I am chilling at the Mill St brewery on the patio in the Distillery District Friday night with Krista.

I had the steak wrap, medium, with sweet potato fries it was so super yummy.

Mill St Patio Life

Krista on the patio

I also had a few of these;

Coffee Porter

Mill St Coffee Porter, mmmm beer.

Windows 7 Community Event

Looks like I had a productive long weekend editing video 🙂

A few weeks ago I receive an email from the lovely Chantelle at High Road Communications asking if I would be apart of a Windows 7 community dinner event. I was honoured to be invited and accepted.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I was invited but after I arrived, I was very surprised at what an amazing event the ladies at High Road Communications put together. Thanks Chantelle, Cortney and Isabella (sorry if I missed anyone).

As you can see in the video, I got there late. The event was schedules to start at 5pm but with traffic and having to drive from uptown, I didn’t actually get there until 5:35pm, so I missed most of the presentations. But I did get a chance to run around and talk to almost everyone, even if I didn’t film it.

If there is anyone I missed, or more information that I can use, please drop me a line.

Hope to see you all at the next one.

Here is the video;

Microsoft Canada
High Road Communications
Absolute Software


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