vblogging – Turkish Festival

Chris Brooker
August 2, 2009

Blam! What’s up babes?

I wake up to find that it’s a beautiful Saturday! After sleeping in a bit 11am, I hit the Danforth with Krista for a wonderful late luch, visit some shops and head downtown.

After walking around a bit in the lovely weather we stumbled upon the Turkish Festival at Yonge and Dundas Square.

I made a little video about it, wanna see it? Here it is;

Did you hear? I’m a published writer!

Chris Brooker
August 2, 2009


Hey all!

Yes, that’s right. After a long time of reading, venting, and ranting about tech, I now get to write. Write not just for myself, like I do here, as I’m the only one that reads my posts, but write for a real magazine.

Check it out;

Dead Sexy Mag is a new, currently online only, Toronto lifestyle magazine. You shold really check it out; and not just because I contributed ūüėČ


Beaches Internation Jazz Festival ‚Äď Day 2 (Friday July 24, 2009)

Chris Brooker
July 31, 2009

KC Roberts Edition

After having such a great time Thursday, I decided to hit the Jazz Festival in the beaches again. Yay! Got there later this time about 7:30pm-8pm and wow! It was so so much busier. Took a while to find a parking spot and walked the rest of the way. People everywhere. Neither of us had eaten to we stopped at the Mrs. Mars Cafe and shared a pitcher of beer and eat some food (Giant Burger that I couldn’t finish).

Then wandered around and watched a number of wonderful bands performing.

Spent a long while with my favourite band at the festival KC Roberts and Live Revolution. I filmed practically their entire last set.

Give it a watch, these guys are awesome!
KC Roberts

2 weeks late but I didn’t forget – Tech Karaoke

Chris Brooker
July 31, 2009

Hey everyone! I was looking through all the video I had shot, mostly because my card had run out of space and I needed to delete somethings, and I ran into these wonderful videos I forgot about from the last #TechKaraokeTO at Tequila Sunrise.

It was the second one that we’ve officially had in Toronto and it’s still some of the best people and fun to be had. Plus 710ml bottle of beer.

Enjoy the dark, yet exceptionally performed, version of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot.

If you just can’t get enough, here is the video from the first Tech Karaoke

Beaches Internation Jazz Festival – Day 1 (Thursday July 23, 2009)

Chris Brooker
July 24, 2009

I hit the Beaches Jazz Festival last night. oh that a great night with great music. The rain managed to hold off the entire time. w00t!


6:30pm: Things are just getting setup.




IMG_0132Getting busy






Note to self: Carry the good camera with you, you never know when you’ll need it. The iPhone 3GS is not really a camera, as you can see.

Make Web Not War – Microsoft Conference

Today is Make Web Not War an event hosted by Microsoft Canada at the Ted Rogers School of Management. First, I must say this is a beautiful building. Large, clean, bright with big atriums and tables outside. School was never like this when I attended.

I did get here a little late but I did make it in time for David Crow’s keynote presentation. W00t!

As a side-note, I’ve never heard MS say “WordPress” so many times. Very kewl.

I shot a great deal of video so far and it will better tell the rest of the story. Once I have a chance to review and edit the footage. I’m just going to post images I have taken.

img_0085One of the atriums with tables and a Tim Horton’s Express. Microsoft provided coffee and breakfast, so I didn’t have to visit it. Win!

img_0077Breakfast: coffee black and a blueberry scone. Yum. That device is for real time voting. Kewl. We used it a bit, but we also just raised our hands. Twitter was also in full force.

img_0078David Crow just starting his keynote. Very kewl stadium class room. I’ve only seen these things on TV. So awesome. One problem is there were very few plugs. Laptop #Fail. Yes, that’s a Mac in the lower left-hand corner. This is Make Web Not War we’re all welcome. Macs, Linux, Windows all co-mingling. The blue mat is for a boxing throw down later in the day.


img_0082Yes, this is a nice buidling. More to come!

Distillery District – Sunny Saturday and Illuminato

Chris Brooker
June 9, 2009

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and Krista and I decided to head down to the awesome Toronto Distillery District.

img_0041chillin’ for a photo out front of what I believe is the Boiler Room. From the looks of it, amazing patio.


img_0045doing my best cheesy boy band pose. Think I need to work on that.


img_0047this thing has some crazy name based on War of the Worlds but to me, it will always be that evil walker from Half-Life. Apparently the local residents don’t really like it, I’ll trade you condos.


img_0051the awesomest condos ever! I would love to life in one of these corner, all glass condos. Maybe I just like people watching me. But the constant attention would force me to keep it clean. The recording studio on (the one with the guitars) is just awesome.

img_0053hanging in front of the crazy face monster at the entrance to the Distillery District.

img_0056you are my minion! I will sit on you!

img_0059the all important coffee at¬†Balzac’s. Upstairs with a Peanut butter square.

img_0066hey handsome fellow

img_0068jazz band playing inside the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. There were a whole bunch of little performances going on all around the theatre for Illuminato. It was really kewl. Each auditorium had a random performance and often something would break out right in the middle of the lobby. Awesome!

img_0069watched a kewl cabaret show in one of the theatres. Wish I could remember the names of the performers. Still an excellent day!

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