Genius or Dumbest idea ever? Impressive Ad

Chris Brooker
February 28, 2011


This is either the best or craziest f’ing thing I ever seen.

In New Zealand an add agency replaced a plank in public benches so that when people with short short or skirts sat down their ad was impressed on the back of their thighs. Apparently this mark last for up to an hour and promotes whatever was impressed everywhere that person goes.

We put indented plates on bus stop, mall, and park benches, so that when people sat down, the message was imprinted on their thighs. This meant that as well as having branded seats, a veritable army of free media was created, with thousands of imprints being created and lasting up to an hour.

Out of the thousands of imprint I don’t any were readable. Is this nuts, creepy, or just dumb. What do you think?

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