March 22, 2010 – New Album listenfest

Chris Brooker
March 22, 2010

It’s Monday March 22, 2010 and I have a number of new albums that just hit my mp3 player. I figured instead of just listening to them personally and keeping my opinions to myself (mostly). I’d do a mini review of them.

Here’s what’s on the list today.

MGMT – Congratulations

The much anticipated 3rd release from MGMT. I managed to grab a high quality AAC 256 leak of the new album and gave it a listen.

After single listen all the way through, I’m not blown away. It good and it has it’s moments when I really like it but I’m not sold yet. I think I might visit this review again after a good number of listens. Perhaps it will grow on me.

It’s very orchestral, and kind of brings to mind a weird cross between the Beatles and Panic! at the Disco. Ya, I said weird.

There are a few stand out tracks and put forth my choices for singles and their order.

1) Congratulation (the title track)
2) Flash Delirium
3) Song for Dan Treacy (maybe, if it makes it to 3 singles)

MC Frontalot – Zero Day

The king of Nerdcore has released his 5th album. The album doesn’t officially drop until April 6th, 2010 but if you order it now, you can download the whole thing now then receive the CD in the mail. Or you could just grab it from all the other sources out there.

Get it! That’s all I have to say. If you enjoy hip hop and lyrics about things other than popping rubber bands, making it rain, lac’s on dubs, Hennessey, droppin’ low, twerkin’, etc. You’ll love it. MC Frontlot has smart, tight, flows and great timing. Quality hooks and choruses with a very high production value.

Flobot – Survival Story

According to that image it’s now available on iTunes. Yay?!? anywho.

Liberal, High Energy, Violin, Rock rap, that’s Flotbots. Most people got hella sick of hearing Flobots last year as the singles Handle Bars and Rise got played to death everywhere.

The single off this album is White Flag Warriors strong track in the vein of Rage Against the Machine but not as hard.

General impressions of the album;

  • rhymes are tight and delivered with passion
  • the viola’ist Mackenzie Roberts is still cute
  • The always audible viola keeps making me think I’m listening to Yellowcard
  • I like me the rock rap
  • Fun, upbeat album with serious subject matter
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