MTV Fora Magazine Launch – Part 2: The Launch Party; Theme: The Prom!

Chris Brooker
March 18, 2010

Please check out MTV Fora Magazine Launch – Part 1: The After Show if you are just coming along to this post.

Fora is a new online magazine that MTV is launching in April that will focus on beauty and trends. The difference here is that Fora will be made up of articles contributed by the top bloggers and experts in Canada. It’s going to social, geared towards the current young, hip, connected lifestyle, which will make this a very unique magazine to watch.

The Launch Party for the magazine started with Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank introducing the magazine and showing the first promo. They’re both featured in the first issue, The theme for the spring issue and the theme of the party are/was The Prom.

Here’s the video;

Here are some of the hottest top blogger ladies in some kick ass Peach Berserk dresses all ready for prom. Can you guess who is who?

(left to right: Lisa Charleyboy, Raymi Lauren, Carly-Anne Fairlie, Don’t know but if you do tel me :), Casie Stewart, Breanna Hughes)

While at the party I got a chance to have a quick chat with Joy McCarthy (Joyous Health Blog) one of the magazine’s contributors. Also some stylings by Sean Ward. (Sorry for the poor lighting)

The party was tons of fun and I got to chat with lots of kewl people, including Dan Levy about life and how much work him and Jessi put into all their shows. I would have liked to take more video but as you can see by the last clip there just wasn’t the light for it and I don’t have a pro setup. Mics, lights, a steady camera man (steady as in holding the camera, not as in dating), etc. We spent a good 1.5 hours munching on tons of cheese and drinking wine, chatting with people and on our way out hit the Prom themed photobooth. I’ll post my photos once I receive them.

Here you can see the smoking hot actress Kristin Fairlie working it for the camera!

Sean and I just chatting about the venue, Jessi Cruickshank hanging out in the back. This is the teaser video I used the other day.

Once I’m able to score more photos from the Event I’ll update this post. So the take away here is MTV, Fora, get excited, when it goes live, check it out!!

Anyone interested in a Part 3 – The After Party? Also, I’m going to put together a single all encompassing video of all the footage I took, stay tuned!

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