Shit son, I went to the rodeo!

Chris Brooker
July 8, 2010

Hey all, in Canada this past long weekend was Canada in the US is was July 4th weekend! It’s very similar but I think the 4th of July involves way more country. Canada day involves more Justin Bieber. I’m not sure who wins there.

For the long weekend I headed down to Ellicottville again. It’s always nice to go on a trip and relax somewhere else. We pretty much did the same things as seen in the video linked above, except  this year there was a rodeo!

This is my friend James and my brother. You can probably tell which one is which.

See that beer, $4. In fact everyday, every beer, bottle, draft, was $4. That I could get used to.

Would you believe this guy is my brother? His name is Jon and he lives in Guelph, it’s always awesome when we get to hang out.

After the rodeo we hit the bars in town to party it up. It turns out all of these cowbows had the same idea. They all can strolling in to the bars with their numbers still pinned on. The local girls went nuts! It was awesome, these guys are superstars in these small towns. You should have seen the mad line dancing skills they threw down when the “nightclub” played Ice, Ice, Baby. With $4 beer everyone was having fun.

James is an old friend of the family and I’m so happy we finally got to really hang out. He’s an awesome guy and I just found out he lives really close to me in Toronto. So we’ll definitely have to hang out again soon. He’s also a great musician and plays in the band TEDD.

This was by far the most insane thing they did to the calves, we were all a bit up in arms at how violent they were with them. See that calf that just got lassoed, well, when the horse puts on the brakes, that rope snaps back really hard and the calf get launched in the air, does a flip and slams back on the ground. See the above picture of them all looking sad at the top of this post.

A bull after bing ridden. Also is the worlds most annoying reckneck joke spewing rodeo clown.

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