Spring in Montreal

Chris Brooker
April 16, 2012

Hey all,

As chance would have it, I’ve found myself in Montreal during the spring. In fact, I’m here for 3 months and have already been here a month and a half. Some of you know why others don’t but it will al be revealed soon. Suffice it to say it’s an exiting time and spring in Montreal is waking this city up.

Last weekend I was back inToronto and it was my birthday, as an amazing present I got a new camera. A Nikon D5100, I’ve always wanted a DSLR camera but knew that if I did, I’d fall down the rabbit hole of expensive camera gear. So up until now I’ve avoided it. But with the baby on the way (BTW, did you know that we have a baby on the way? we do, July 7, 2012.) I got the camera to take pictures of the baby.

This past weekend I went on a couple photo outings, here are some of my fav pics from around Montreal this weekend.

I’m going to start with a photo of me. I didn’t take this but it’s still a good photo.


Found myself in a Montreal student protest for a few hours and great place to practice taking photos.







This is Place des Art, this is starting to be my favorite spot to come and hang out.

You can check out all my favs on flickr 

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