Photo of the Day #31 – June 7, 2012

Chris Brooker
June 7, 2012

Woo number 31! I have now taken and posted a new photo everyday for a month. Not to bad and just getting started.

Today’s photo of the day is a fancy 6 stacked kite against a beautifully blue sky and wispy clouds. Very little adjustment was done to this photo, that’s the blue that came out of the camera.


Shot in RAW, levels adjusted in Lightroom 4. (Exported to jpeg at 60)
Nikon D5100, 35mm, ISO100, F8.0 1/640sec exposure.

1) I have to upload one new, original photo to the blog every day.
2) The photo has to be taken on that day. No using photos taken in previous days.

Photo of the day gallery for the full sized pic
You should really check these out at full resolution 

Beaches Internation Jazz Festival – Day 2 (Friday July 24, 2009)

Chris Brooker
July 31, 2009

KC Roberts Edition

After having such a great time Thursday, I decided to hit the Jazz Festival in the beaches again. Yay! Got there later this time about 7:30pm-8pm and wow! It was so so much busier. Took a while to find a parking spot and walked the rest of the way. People everywhere. Neither of us had eaten to we stopped at the Mrs. Mars Cafe and shared a pitcher of beer and eat some food (Giant Burger that I couldn’t finish).

Then wandered around and watched a number of wonderful bands performing.

Spent a long while with my favourite band at the festival KC Roberts and Live Revolution. I filmed practically their entire last set.

Give it a watch, these guys are awesome!
KC Roberts

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