chilling at the Mill St Brewery

Chris Brooker
August 5, 2009

Hey all, here I am chilling at the Mill St brewery on the patio in the Distillery District Friday night with Krista.

I had the steak wrap, medium, with sweet potato fries it was so super yummy.

Mill St Patio Life

Krista on the patio

I also had a few of these;

Coffee Porter

Mill St Coffee Porter, mmmm beer.

Distillery District – Sunny Saturday and Illuminato

Chris Brooker
June 9, 2009

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and Krista and I decided to head down to the awesome Toronto Distillery District.

img_0041chillin’ for a photo out front of what I believe is the Boiler Room. From the looks of it, amazing patio.


img_0045doing my best cheesy boy band pose. Think I need to work on that.


img_0047this thing has some crazy name based on War of the Worlds but to me, it will always be that evil walker from Half-Life. Apparently the local residents don’t really like it, I’ll trade you condos.


img_0051the awesomest condos ever! I would love to life in one of these corner, all glass condos. Maybe I just like people watching me. But the constant attention would force me to keep it clean. The recording studio on (the one with the guitars) is just awesome.

img_0053hanging in front of the crazy face monster at the entrance to the Distillery District.

img_0056you are my minion! I will sit on you!

img_0059the all important coffee at Balzac’s. Upstairs with a Peanut butter square.

img_0066hey handsome fellow

img_0068jazz band playing inside the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. There were a whole bunch of little performances going on all around the theatre for Illuminato. It was really kewl. Each auditorium had a random performance and often something would break out right in the middle of the lobby. Awesome!

img_0069watched a kewl cabaret show in one of the theatres. Wish I could remember the names of the performers. Still an excellent day!

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