Rogers – Who has the Touch Contest Entry

Chris Brooker
March 8, 2010

Rogers Canada is having this contest called “Who has the Touch” where 2 people are given an assignment and 48 hours to compete to see who comes up with the best videos. The winner takes home $5000. I figured, hey! I have those skills, so I put in an entry.

The entry video has to be under 1 minute and describe your Coolest idea. Here’s my entry:


Let’s hope I make the top 10.


  • 18 years +
  • energetic, funny, with a touch of insanity
  • out of the box thinker
  • have access to a video camera
  • have the means an ability to edit your videos
  • have a competitive spirit that would impress a 60-year-old wrestling coach
  • understand proper conduct – no nudity, swearing, trashing, illegal activity, arrests, or socks with sandals

If so, don’t miss your chance at fame and fortune. There are only 3 steps to making it the real deal:
From March 22nd until April 30th, each week for 5 weeks, you’ll provide the video camera and editing skills. We’ll give you a Rogers Touchphone, $50 and 48 hours to create a 2-minute video based on a fun task chosen by our online voters. Shoot it, edit it, then upload it to Facebook and see how many voters think you have the touch. The coolest part – even the loser WINS CASH.

Toronto #TechKaraoke, #KaraokeTO was so much fun!

Chris Brooker
May 25, 2009

Saturday May23, 2009 at Tequila Sunrise was the amazing night that was Tech Karaoke. If you weren’t there, well, you missed out.

Here’s the setup:

The phenomenon of TechKaraoke is coming from New York to Toronto for one very special edition!

Come out and demonstrate your singing prowess & bear witness to a showdown between some of Canada’s hottest start-ups including sponsors FreshBooks, RedWire & Zoocasa.

Join the NYC team & your Toronto startup community for one evening of complete debauchery.

I got there around 10:30pm-11pm after trying to find parking for about 20mins before conceding and paying $10 at an underground lot. When I walked in I was surprised at how small the venue was but wow, it was filled with energy. Everyone was dancing and singing along! Best Karaoke event I’ve been to and I’ve been to a lot. No sitting quietly at tables, no groups of people afraid to perform. Pure energy!

How could you not have fun with these:

Huge Beer

Ya, that’s a 710ml bottle of Molson Canadian for $7.50

In case you were wondering, yes, I performed. As I got there a little later my name was at the bottom of a large pile. By the time my name was called I had sufficiently lost most of my voice from yelling and signing along. (At least that’s what I’ll tell people)

Here I am performing This Love by Maroon 5

You can also see the party that’s going on!

Random comments from the world of Twitter:

Great time at #techkaraoke last night – thanks @oz & @brett for making the long & arduous trek from NYC – a great time had by all.

Great seeing everyone at #techkaraoke l made it home alive and am off to fav brunch patio. Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!

Public embarassment is not my thing, but #techkaraoke was one step in the right direction #jasonmraz #ftw

P.S. @alterton was the victor, taking home Rock Band 3 donated by my new lovers at @aiderss! He was amazing and they’re amazing! #karaokeTO

Props to the other #karaokeTO finalists who KILLED it last night: @issarged @D_Hock and @photojunkie!

I hope we do it again sometime soon!!

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