Notable TV, TwestivalTO, PeekShots and green goo

Chris Brooker
March 29, 2010

The title says it all and is also why I haven’t blogged in days. To be honest, I haven’t had the energy to get on a computer in any way. No twitter, hundreds of unread emails, facebook entries. It’s been bad.

Let’s start at the beginning; Thursday March 25, 2010 I had been sick all the previous week and was finally starting to feel better. I think I had the flu, lots of fevers, aches and a bad cough. I was still on the edge so I decided to take it easy on my body and not drink too much.

Thursday was NotableTV’s Samsung HD 3d TV Pre-launch event. This was the most exclusive NotableTV event to date and we got to be the first group of people outside of Samsung to see their new TVs the day before they were launched.

I rushing home to eat and change then met up with the awesome Sean Ward. We hit the streetcar and grabbed a coffee at McD’s before catching the Queen car all the way to past Jarvis.

Here’s what I wore;

I took this photo after I got home and looking at it now, I already looked half-dead. Rocked a new tie with a full Windsor knot, got lots of compliments.

I got to the Samsung event and grabbed this intro video;

This event was awesome with food and drinks as far as the eye can see. I kind of had a blast over at the section of the bar filled with Hpnotiq vodka shots. Tons of them just lined up on the bar with a beautiful women telling you to have as many as you want. As I was taking it easy on the drinking, I had 3 and grabbed a beer.

Here you can get a sense of the scene and the ambiance;

Delicious cupcakes for the munching. There was a whole pyramid of them;

Sean Ward being a bad boy?

Hung out with the always amazing Casie Stewart and the beautiful Fairlie sisters Carlie-Anne and Kristin. Sean and these 3 ladies made for an awesome time!

We finished up at the NotableTV event and Sean Casie and myself hopped in a cab for Tryst Nightclub and TwestivalTO 2010! You can read about what TwestivalTO is here.

Got there around 10:30 and hit the photo booth manned by the awesome Rosa Park. Yes, the party was already in full swing and most people where sufficiently liquored.

Here I am looking all Presidential, like Stephan Colbert;

Kickin’ it with Casie Stewart;

Humping a chalkboard I turned around backwards for later photoshop fun;

This party wasn’t free but OMG, it was sooo much fun dancing and hanging with all the awesome friends I’ve met in Toronto mostly through the twitter community.

Walked home and hit the sack at about 1:30am. I had an 8:15am meeting the next day.

Woke up like a zombie and got to work in time. Was to tired all day. But Friday night was Peek shots! A friend of mine Andrew Peek has decided to sell all his stuff, leave his job and travel for a few years. Awesome! He was having a get together at the Drake to say goodbye. I couldn’t pass up my chance to chat and say bye and good luck. So Krista and I headed over to the Drake. I was already so tired I couldn’t see straight.

Got there and tons our people had almost taking over the main floor. Drinks and hugs all around. After the music upstairs wasn’t so great, Krista and I decided to try out the Underground and DAMN! I heard the best DJ I heard in a long time play. Her name was DJ Annalyze and only after did I find out she’s a top DJ out of Chicago. We danced and drank way too much until 3am then had pizza and a cab home.

The next morning I woke up with the worst chest and sinus infection with green goo coming out everywhere. So that’s where we are now. Still sick and looking for a Doctor. And first time back on the computer in days.

Nuit D’Azure – Video

Chris Brooker
February 27, 2010

Hey everyone!

Last week I attended an event put on by NotableTV for the launch of the Annex Loft House which was totally amazing. There was food and wine and tons of amazing people both friends and new friends. As usual I shot a bit of video which I’ve been sitting on as I wanted to give it the editing touch. It’s been really busy this last week with me being sick and tons of intense projects at work, so I hadn’t had a chance to go through the footage and produce a video. Well, you can wait no longer…the video’s up!

Thanks to NotableTV for such a great night! I look forward to the next ones!

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