Photo of the Day #38 – June 15, 2012

Chris Brooker
June 15, 2012

I’ve been wanting to hit Polson pier to take photos of Toronto at sunset for a long time. Well, the timing and the weather finally came together. There are a number of city scape shots in my flickr photostream. But tonight’s photo of the day is this wide-angle HDR photo I took right near sunset. Came out better than I thought.


Shot in RAW, levels adjusted in Lightroom 4. (Exported to jpeg at 60). HDR done in Photomatix.
Nikon D5100, 18mm, ISO100, F4.5 (1sec, 0.4Sec, 1/4sec, 1/10sec, 1/20sec) exposures.

1) I have to upload one new, original photo to the blog every day.
2) The photo has to be taken on that day. No using photos taken in previous days.

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Photo of the Day #32 – June 8, 2012

Chris Brooker
June 8, 2012

Today I took a short 20 minute walk around the Toronto Brick Works with Krista. The photo of the day is this great shot of the valley tower.


Shot in RAW, levels adjusted in Lightroom 4. (Exported to jpeg at 60)
Nikon D5100, 35mm, ISO100, F13.0 1/160sec exposure.

1) I have to upload one new, original photo to the blog every day.
2) The photo has to be taken on that day. No using photos taken in previous days.

Photo of the day gallery for the full sized pic
You should really check these out at full resolution 

Toronto Blog Stars – Rock the market

Chris Brooker
March 19, 2010

Yesterday, I woke up feelign totally shitty. Not shitty as in hung over, like the majority of people, but shitty as in sick. I wanted to call in sick to work but had just way much to do so I decided to compromise, I worked from home. Even though I was feeling shitty I still wanted to attend the Toronto Blog Stars event I had signed up for. For the knowledge and to support my friends.


The Toronto Blog Star event was;

This is the ultimate how-to with the Toronto Blog Stars, followed by a Meet the Blog Stars cocktail reception.

You will learn everything you need to know about living the Blog Star lifestyle using blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and social networking, including:

  • how to get – and keep – the attention of movers and shakers in your industry
  • how to turn your everyday life into compelling content
  • how to brand yourself online
  • what programs and applications to use to host your site, keep track of your statistics, and promote yourself & your blog


Raymi Lauren of Raymi the Minx – A trendsetter and award-winning blogger, Raymi is a pioneer in the online world, having started her blog in 2000.  Her voyeuristic approach to blogging has gained her international readers and recognition and she has been featured in major news outlets, both on camera and in print.  Raymi is an aspiring actor and an accomplished writer and artist.

Sean Ward of and Sean Ward’s Super Party – Sean set out to create his own entertainment empire with original underground cinema screenings and a comic book series.  He was a writer and cast member on Ed the Sock, a featured speaker, and master of ceremonies.

Casie Stewart of This Is My Life – a daily blogger with a passion for social media, Casie Stewart has been involved in many social media campaigns to raise money for charity as well as blogging about products & services for major brands. She started her blog in 2006 as a way to keep more memories and today, it’s a daily publication of her life, events, inspiration and photos.

Put together by the Fairlie Agency.

Here I am in my seat, it was a full house;


Here is Casie Stewart;


Raymi The Minx;


Sean Ward;


Here is a great video I took of the panel talking about what twitter is and why it’s not banal;


Thanks guys for a great event.

A coffee break on an amazing sunny weekend in Toronto – March 6, 2010

Chris Brooker
March 13, 2010

This is a little video we took while taking a coffee break from a long walk along Queen St West in Toronto on an amazing sunny, sunny day. Stopped at Steve’s music store and finally bought that cutest little guitar ever that I’ve been eyeing. I was sad as I’ve been in there before and didn’t see it anymore, assuming someone bought it. To my surprise, it reappeared, so I finally snatched it up. Woohoo!

This is actually the guitar that appears in this video Rogers – Who has the touch entry

the view from there.

Chris Brooker
December 22, 2009

If you read some of my previous posts, you know that I sold my condo. Here is the one, I’m moving to. Lease signed, first and last payed, elevator booked. Everything is set.

The view starting in 2010;

Am i the only one that loves change?

Distillery District – Sunny Saturday and Illuminato

Chris Brooker
June 9, 2009

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and Krista and I decided to head down to the awesome Toronto Distillery District.

img_0041chillin’ for a photo out front of what I believe is the Boiler Room. From the looks of it, amazing patio.


img_0045doing my best cheesy boy band pose. Think I need to work on that.


img_0047this thing has some crazy name based on War of the Worlds but to me, it will always be that evil walker from Half-Life. Apparently the local residents don’t really like it, I’ll trade you condos.


img_0051the awesomest condos ever! I would love to life in one of these corner, all glass condos. Maybe I just like people watching me. But the constant attention would force me to keep it clean. The recording studio on (the one with the guitars) is just awesome.

img_0053hanging in front of the crazy face monster at the entrance to the Distillery District.

img_0056you are my minion! I will sit on you!

img_0059the all important coffee at Balzac’s. Upstairs with a Peanut butter square.

img_0066hey handsome fellow

img_0068jazz band playing inside the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. There were a whole bunch of little performances going on all around the theatre for Illuminato. It was really kewl. Each auditorium had a random performance and often something would break out right in the middle of the lobby. Awesome!

img_0069watched a kewl cabaret show in one of the theatres. Wish I could remember the names of the performers. Still an excellent day!

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