PR people get ready for BDSM! (SFW)

Chris Brooker
March 25, 2010

or a Big Day in Social Media! See what I did there? I used a sexy headline to get your attention and cause you to visit this page. I used your PR tricks against you! muah ha ha ha.

But seriously, today is a big day for social media. Today is the second annual Twestival (3rd TwestivalTO). At a high level Twestival is an amazing time to meet all the people you talk to on Twitter everday IRL. Put people to avatar pics. Plus you get to drink to excess and dance to great music! What more could you want on a Thursday (other than Karaoke)?


Here are the official details:

What is Twestival?

On Thursday 25 March 2010, people in hundreds of cities around the world will come together offline to rally around the important cause of Education by hosting local events to have fun and create awareness.  Twestival™ (or Twitter Festival) uses social media for social good.  All of the local events are organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of all ticket sales and donations go direct to projects.  If you would like to get involved, please Register your City, Register your School, or Volunteer and we will get in touch.  Organizers will be given a handbook and invitation to our collaboration workspace.  Follow @twestival for updates.

“This year’s Twestival Toronto festivities will be held at Tryst Nightclub on Thursday, March 25th 2010…and I know you’re free because it’s a Thursday night! Tickets are still available and can be purchased on the Twestival Toronto site. Like any good event there will be fun hosts, loud music, cash bar, great company (ahem yours truly will be there!!) and more!  (Am hearing there may be some big raffles as well so bring a little extra with you!). All in all, it will be a great party with great people for a great cause.” – Aleksandra Stalmach

All the details can be found here:

Here is a great post by Aleks (@alisaan) about the top 11 reasons to come to Twestival!

Her post is probably a little more articulate than mine. But I would have added;

#12 – I’ll be there!! Here is me at TwestivalTO in the summer. The theme was old school Hollywood glamour.


There is me with the infamous Joallore (@clickflicka) and his cousin.

So get on Twitter and beg to find someone selling a ticket and get your ass there!

Inspired by twitter or unintentional?

Chris Brooker
May 30, 2009

Saw this in a store on Queen East today. Awesome.

Poll: Twitter Updates?

Chris Brooker
May 26, 2009

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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-21

Chris Brooker
May 21, 2009
  • Going to the gym. When I get back we can talk. #You’reLookingForwardToIt #
  • Back from the gym! #
  • working on some websites #
  • @janiceromero the evening is going pretty good. I just wish there were more time in the evening :). What have you been up to? in reply to janiceromero #
  • @janiceromero We’ll have to get you out then. Uptown after work coffee? in reply to janiceromero #
  • heading to bed, goodnight #
  • It’s summer outside today! Oh man do I want to go outside! #
  • @matt416 Happy Birthday!! #
  • Tim Horton’s Chili and free iced coffee yum #
  • Free Iced Coffee at Tim’s, it’s tiny but yummy. #
  • Looks like Rogers 3g is down in the the Bathurst and Wilson Area. Can’t even get a signal right now. #
  • Heading home will be back online shortly. #
  • @dzborovski My service is still up and down. Dropping calls, edge to 3g to edge to no service. #RogersFail in reply to dzborovski #
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