Photo of the Day #19 – May 26, 2012 – Yard Sale for the Cure

Chris Brooker
May 26, 2012

Today’s photo of the day comes from the Yard Sale for the Cure.


Shot in RAW, levels adjusted in Lightroom 4. (Exported to jpeg at 60)
Nikon D5100, 55mm, ISO100, F4.5 1/400sec exposure.

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Yard Sale for the Cure

Chris Brooker
May 31, 2009

Today is Yard Sale for the Cure a huge event that takes place in the Toronto Beaches with proceeds going to help fight breat cancer. I hope you had a chance to come and support this great cause.

This morning my alarm went off at 6:45am on a Sat. Man, it was hard to get out of bed at first. But the shower and getting ready sorta woke me up and the coffee at Tim Horton’s certainly helped.

In the elevator

Krista showing her excellent presentation skills Intro our departure to the Yard Sale for the Cure

We got down to the beaches at about 8:15am and were a little surprised that not many people at setup or started their yard sales yet. We parked the car and started walking around. At 8:30am this morning it was overcast and cold! About 9c cold. You can see in the video I’m wearing a sweater and leather jacket, I was still chilly for the first little bit.

At first this were sparse, but it quickly picked up from there with the huge sale going on the in the park. Tons of furniture and decorations and appliances, etc lots of great stuff.

Krista was looking for book and items for her classroom next year and wasn’t disappointed, in fact my hands are still sore from carrying the heavy book bags for so long.

I wasn’t disappointed either. I’ve been happily playing with my purchases all evening. 🙂


Yup. that’s 2 – Linksys WRT-54g routers for $5 each!

1) Linksys WRT-54g v4
2) Linksys WRT-54g v5

What makes these routers so great, if you don’t know, is that they run Linux and can easily be flashes to add tons and tons of new features only available on the $500 routers. The v4 is by far the best being the one with a 200MHz processor and ample memory. The v5 was neutered by Linksys and has substantually less memory making it not as powerful.

I quickly flashed the v4 with DD-WRT, an open source replacement OS and am now using this as my main router. So happy :). I’ll probably flash the v5 as well and make it a wifi client to my media center and cut the cord running down my hallway.

All in all an amazing day in the beaches. BTW, my face and neck and quite red from all the sun that eventually came out.

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