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Chris Brooker
June 19, 2009


Saddly, I didn’t write this, it’s a comment post I found on Engadget that so beautifully expresses how I feel I just had to share it. This is in response to the comment:

“This is a useless iPhone release to prevent guys from buying the Palm Pre”

I know what you are saying tweak.

But… the illusion that IT people suffer from is that they are part of some high speed moving wave of amazing.

The truth is that IT is more like molasses, a slow moving glue designed to leach wallets with the occasional jump forward every 10 years or so.

Apple for some strange reason is perceived as both the fastest moving and the biggest let down. It’s neither, Apple comes out with an innovation every year or so and mostly the innovations are not IT related so much as design manufacturing, sales or integration related. The iPhone has some nifty bits, but its main features sit in design, sales and integration, not the invention of a new technology.

Palm? Hardly innovative, over 10 years ago they made a PDA OS, then Palm bought Handspring who had licensed the OS to make a phone, nothing changed for years except maybe giving up on themselves and then with a design guy from Apple they come out with the Pre, which is from all accounts is another whatever piece of plastic from China with client side web apps (now there is a new idea!). I’m not down on Palm, its just business as usual.

Intel, what they added another core, that was being first done in the late 90’s. Blu Ray? the key inventions are circa 1994. Co-processors, talk about the magic roundabout, here it comes again…

The rest of it is simply economies of scale, making things cheaper and smaller over time. Amazing IT? And interestingly the real leaps in IT are usually despised by the IT crowd, because it means change, which means work and IT people prefer to sit on their ass, chat to mates and impress the lesser people by demonstrating that they have done the same thing so many times its basically muscle memory, so it seems quick.

This iPhone 3GS has got F all to do with the Pre and a lot more to do with 2 year contracts coming up. Surprise, surprise a sales strategy, not an IT one. The $99 8Gig, Geez that was obvious the moment the first model was released, even the 2 year timing of it, that’s manufacturing and sales. They would have been sitting around 6 months before Jobs walked on stage and set the $99 timing for the 8gig back then.

We wish these companies were into IT, but they are into business. All the fanboys can cry into their hankies, cause you know what, we don’t even rate on the sales chart. You want to be important to the companies you buy your crap off, move to another industry.

Cy Starkman

Well said Cy.

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