Third Tuesday Toronto – How to create online videos that people want to watch

Chris Brooker
May 27, 2009

Yesterday was Third Tuesday Toronto or #TTT for anyone that was following it on twitter. I was excited about this one, as I have really been getting into creating video lately, I was not disappointed.

As online video consumption continues to grow at an astronomical rate, now is the time to learn how to produce high quality videos on the web. Whether you’re in the market to shoot a video for your small business or start up a video podcast, Amber MacArthur and her colleagues from MGI Media, Chris Dick, and Jeff MacArthur – will discuss how to monetize video, how to shoot/edit video, and how to create community around your videos online. With journalism experience in mainstream media with Citytv, CP24, and CBC, as producers of an award-winning video podcast, and as consultants with clients such as Tony Robbins, Rogers, and IDEE, Amber Mac, Chris Dick, and Jeff MacArthur will provide video strategies for success.

And as always, thanks for our sponsors, CNW Group and the Berkeley Heritage Event Venue. Their support allow us to keep Third Tuesday a free event for the community.

I got there at exactly 6pm which is kinda surprising as Toronto traffic is far from predictable especially when you’re trying to get somewhere at a certain time. I managed to score free parking on Power St., bonus! I walked over and entered the Berkeley Heritage Event Venue and wow, what a great classic building. Almost looked like an old church with the pews removed and no stained glass windows.

TTT - StageTTT - BarAs you can see, it was a full house. With a bar at the back serving cold drinks and excellent h’our dourves at the front.

It’s a shame that the RefreshEvents this month just happened to be at the same time. As I know a number of those people would have enjoyed attending this very educational event.

For all of those people who missed it. Here is the entire presentation in HD. Enjoy.
(As mentioned in the presentation yes, video is large, takes forever to edit, encode, and upload to the internet. That’s why this wasn’t up last night.)

It’s in 6 parts. YouTube and it’s 10min video limit for us non-pros.

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Amber talks about commandN

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

As the remaining parts come online at YouTube I will post them.

Excellent presentation Amber, Chris and Jeff! Thank You.

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