This is how we do it up at #LoserKaraoke – Feb 18, 2010

Chris Brooker
February 20, 2010

Hey peeps!

It’s been another little while since I’ve posted. Things have been beyond busy but that’s no excuse. I’m sure if you’re in twitter you’ve been hearing the buzz about #LoserKaraoke. It’s a little thing we like to do on Thursdays at at Tequila Sunrise. It started out as TechKaraoke, but has been improved and added a few regulars. This week happened to have a very low turn out, often the place is so packed you can’t move. Not sure why there is such a difference some times.

Here’s a video of one of my performances this week. Enjoy.

Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch
(You can click through the video and watch in 720p if you wish)

Thanks to @alisaan for the awesome camera work!! You can be my tripod any day 🙂

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