Tomorrow is my birthday, reflections on the journey

Chris Brooker
April 18, 2012

(Yes, this is long)

As the title says, tomorrow is my birthday. I guess because of that I’m in a reflective mood. I remember the day I turned 30. It was a scary milestone and one I didn’t want to hit being unhappy.

When I turned 30 a lot of good things were going on, the seeds I had planted earlier were blooming. I was in the best shape of my life, I was a serious regular at the gym for the 2-3 years prior and was really on my game. I owned my own condo, I had just started dating an amazing woman (Krista), I was super engaged in the Social Media and tech scene and was making and editing tons of videos. (They’re all still on YouTube). I was blogging often and getting good traction. I was invited to all sorts of things and had an active social calendar. Having all of these things made turning 30 not so painful.

We’re now 3 years later and I’m now turning 33. Not a major milestone but a moment in time to reflect on were the last 3 years have taken me. Let’s start back 3 years ago, I continued to exercise religiously, I made more videos, I met more people and attended more events. The condo I owned was way up at Don Mills and Sheppard. All my friends and Krista were downtown or in East York, plus my condo and condo fees were killing me.  I then made the decision to sell the condo and move downtown. I hired a Real Estate agent and sold the place pretty easily for more than I paid, a nice little bonus. Then the bank took a crap ton of money when I paid my mortgage back early. I think the fee was north of $8,000. I had a tiny bit of money left after that and paid some debt.

Then I moved downtown, right downtown. The City Place group of condos at the button of Spadina. It was great! I could walk everywhere and the internet was the best I’ve every had (100mb/s). Krista and I continued to have a fantastic relationship.

During this time Michael Nus and I became good friends and we co-founded Epilogger Inc. 

Krista and I then moved in together. I got rid of the condo downtown and moved into a house in East York with Krista. Then I got tired of my job and it’s lack of a challenge or room to grow. Knowing my real passion was for Epilogger, that’s all I wanted to work on but unfortunately, I required an income to survive and started looking for another opportunity. I started reaching out to all the people I knew in the tech community and quickly landed a whole bunch of interviews. Most companies were not what I was looking for. Just more of the same cubical coder jobs, who just grinds out code all day everyday. I need more in my life than just coding. Then I interviewed with a company that seemed so much better, Empathica. They fully, from the top down, embraced the agile philosophy and it was such a fantastic place to work. So many great people and I could really contribute more than just code.

Now Krista and I are expecting our first child. In fact July 7, 2012 is the due date. Even though it’s scary as hell, I’m really exited and looking forward to being a dad. As I know I have a ton of wonderful things to share and teach.

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During all fo this Epilogger was steadily picking up steam and in February 2012 we were accepted in a major startup accelerator in Montreal, QB. Yes, I had to more to Montreal away from Krista who is 28 weeks pregnant. But if Epilogger, one of my passions, is every to succeed this is a chance and I had to take it. While I write this I’m sitting in my bedroom in Montreal, thinking about what I’m missing in Toronto with Krista and preparing for the arrival of our baby. I’m sad I’m missing it, but really happy that I’m here. This program has exceeded my expectations and I’m very excited about the direction and momentum Epilogger is having. It feels so good to watch something you’ve loved and laboured on for so many nights and weekends for so long really start to take off.

I guess the questions after all this is am I happy with were I am? Hell yes! Things have changed, good things have happened and bad. I’m super excited about the baby and Epilogger. I just need to get my ass back to the gym.

(Yes, blogging more is something I’d like to do)

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