Toronto Wine and Spirits Festival

Chris Brooker
July 6, 2010

Hey-ho, let’s pretend that I wrote this a few weeks ago. Picture the day June 19, 2010. It was a Thursday, I believe, myself and some friends hit the Wine and Spirits Festival in the historic Distillery District.

Started out with pre drinks in a friend’s back yard.

Some hot dancing girls. 🙂

$1 shots. Things went way down hill from here. Think we did 5 each at this sitting.

This is the Mount Gay rum girl, she was awesome and kept listening to our ridiculous drunken stories while keeping our glasses full. 🙂

The constant mixing of Wine, Beer, and hard liquor was a deadly combination. Let’s just say that someone (that wasn’t me) threw up in the cab. The hallmark of a good night.

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