Where has Chris Brooker gone?

Chris Brooker
November 25, 2010

Let me start by saying, I’ve been a shitty friend.

Not a shitty friend by my actions but a shitty friend by my inactions. I’ve failed to stay in touch, failed to make a phone call, failed to be there. If you haven’t notice, I haven’t been around much. I haven’t even tweeted in weeks. I make it to the odd event here and there and I do try my very best to come out to things to show my support for the awesome people that deserve it. This however, is starting to feel like a hollow gesture, even though I genuinely want to be there to show my support. It’s almost impossible to have a meaningful connection with someone at a noisy crowded event.

Here are some of the things that have been keeping me up at night and keeping me busy. This is not an excuse.

– Moving (Ya, I’m moving in 2 weeks)
– My current landlord is dicking me around. My condo is showing at least 2 times a day and must always be spotless, tidy, and Chris free.
– The lease on my car is up Sept 28th and I need to find and get a new one aspa. I’ve been test driving tons of cars and find most of my evenings involve a visit to at least 1 dealership.
– Work is incredibly busy. I seem to working out of a client’s office at least once a week (an hour drive away in terrible traffic), which is really grinding on me and leaves me more drained than anything, plus it leaves me with a pile of missed work when I get back. Then customer’s aren’t paying in a timely manner and that’s also my problem…. But I have code to write.
– Money, moving and new cars are expensive. I am feeling some major pain and don’t have a lot of beer money.

All of these things have contributed to me having very little free time. In fact, when I do get a little bit of free time I try to enjoy the company of the amazing Krista Whiteside or I’m  just sitting at home alone playing guitar. Music is my way to escape the pressures of life and relieve stress.

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